Fly Away Home: CineScience in the Park

In this outdoor edition of the CineScience programme, dr. Lysanne Snijders introduces you to the research field of animal behaviour where it touches wildlife conservation. The movie follows a young girl, Amy, who raises a nest of abandoned goslings that see her as their mother. Will Amy, just having lost her own mother, be able to teach the goslings to behave as wild geese? Using this family drama, you are invited to think about the need for animals to be wild – or learn to be. And what positive or negative role do we as humans play in this process? An intriguing movie and discussion topic for all ages (8+).

Children are explicitly invited. The introduction will be in Dutch, the movie is in English with Dutch subtitles.

CineScience movie talks

With CineScience movie talks, researchers from Wageningen University & Research give unique and accessible insights in their scientific work by linking it creatively to a personally selected movie or documentary.

WUR considers its connection with the city of Wageningen and its residents extremely important and is eager to show how everyone deals with the themes being researched and developed in Wageningen during everyday lives. Besides, CineScience movie talks are a unique opportunity for scientists and society to discuss topics that matter.