Food Systems Innovation Challenge Finale

Student teams from universities worldwide deliver a 3-minute video to present their results bridging the gap between knowledge and practice on the Sustainable Development Goals, SDGs, particularly SDG 2; Zero Hunger.

Organised by Wageningen University & Research

Mon 23 November 2020 12:45 to 13:00

Tue 24 November 2020 10:30 to 12:00

In support of the 2021 UN Food Systems Summit, WUR in collaboration with its partners from the A5 Alliance, organized a student challenge with the goal of involving next generation leaders. The winning team will receive a prize of € 2000,- the runners up will receive € 500,-. The videos of all 3 winners will be presented during the Executives round table session on November 24.


Monday, 23 November, video sessions 

Session 1: Food System Innovation Challenge 12:45 - 13:00 CET
Session 2: Food System Innovation Challenge 14:30 – 14:45 CET
Session 3: Food System Innovation Challenge 17:45 – 18:00 CET
Session 4: Food System Innovation Challenge 20:45 – 21:00CET

Tuesday, 24 November

Closing Session announcing the winners! 10:30-12:00 CET

Read more about the Food Systems Innovation Challenge and the SDGs in this challenge.