Sporting event

Health Week 2019

Organised by Sports foundation Wageningen University (SWU) Thymos, Vital@work & Sportcentrum de Bongerd

Tue 23 April 2019 until Fri 26 April 2019

Interested in being and feeling fit? From the 23-26th of April, the annual Health Week will take place again! This week is all about nutrition, exercise and mental health, brought to you by SWU Thymos, vital@work and Sports Centre de Bongerd. Multiple activities surrounding these topics will be organised for all students and employees on campus all week long. The events are free of charge and some require a subscription (see schedule). The subscriptions open 1 week in advance, at 12:30pm. Interested? Check out the schedule down below!


Always check this online version of the schedule to stay up to date about recent changes

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* sign up, go to and search for “Health Week”

** walk in, no subscription needed

SCB = Sports Centre de Bongerd


!!The subscriptions open 1 week in advance, at 12:30pm!!

Aerial hoop workshop

Aerial Hoop is a spectaculair form of aerial acrobatics. With the hoop you can perform all kinds of static, swinging or spinning exercises. In this class you will learn some of the basic techniques in and around the hoop. Just like any aerial acrobatics (such as poledancing), power, balance and flexibility play an important role. Sign up here!

Bootcamp on campus

Are you in for a complete WORKOUT? This years Health Week Bootcamp will be given on and around campus. Casper Helling and Nick Wezenbeek will give you an inspiring workout with a combination of muscle strength and endurance training.The meeting point is in front of Sports Centre de Bongerd. Sign up here. See you then!

Dance workshop - Wagalicious

Would you like to try something new? Or a new sort of dance? Wagalicious is giving a workshop for you to learn how to dance contemporary Jazz on thursday evening! If you want to join you can sign up here. There are only 30 spots available, so be fast! full = full

Physio walk in

Your body has to put up with quite a lot. Poor posture during work or study may cause physical complaints. Sports training may cause an injury. Your side job may severely strain your back or knees. Stop fretting, start moving, and address these issues! During the physio walk in a physiotherapist from ImprovePhysiotherapy will help you with your complaints. Sign up here!

Health checks - by Tijmen Oostveen and Ingi Alofs

You want to know what your BMI is, your fat percentage or muscle mass? The health week is organizing Health Checks on Tuesday and Friday in SCB (de Bongerd) and Thursday in Radix Serre Unifarm) - see time-schedule. Sign up and get a free health check and some tips!

Posture training

Long days behind your desk while studying or working can quite quickly result in physical complaints. A good posture is crucial to prevent this from happening. During this training in the fitness studio of de Bongerd you will use, among others, weight exercises that will help you work on a correct posture. Interested? Sign up here!

Interactive Lecture: Strength training and nutrition have proven to be effective against aging symptoms (40+)

Muscle strengthening exercises combined with the right diet are a very effective tool against the physical effects of aging. During this interactive lecture, you will gain more insight into the scientific basis behind this thinking and directly receive tips and advice for maintaining an energetic and strong body. The lecture is free, so just walk-in!
Nick Wezenbeek is a sports instructor, nutrition coach and owner of

Lecture: The potential of green programmes for the rehabilitation of young employees with a burnout

Roald Pijpker is a PhD researcher at the Health and Society, and Rural Sociology chair groups (Centre for Space, Place and Society, WUR). Roald will present his ongoing PhD project which focuses on the potential of green programmes for the rehabilitation of young employees with burnout and will share experiences from his academic career so far. Walk in.

Meditation / Mindfulness by Didi de Mildt

Do you feel stressed and need a break from all the studying or working? Try our mindfulness meditation workshop! Didi de Mildt will guide you through the most relaxed 30 minutes of your day during lunchtime on Tuesday.

Potluck Dinner

On Friday night our lovely Potluck Dinner will take place! Bring your home-made healthy food and drinks to Campus and share it with others. We will make sure there are enough plates and cutlery for everyone. Location: outside Forum building. No need to sign up, you can just drop by!

Spinning (active) Lecture by Ingi Alofs

Want to do sports and learn something at the same time? It is possible! On Wednesday during lunchtime Ingi Alofs will give a spinning lecture in SCB about the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle and the benefits of exercising. Interested? Sign up here.

Sports Centre de Bongerd (SCB) guided tour

Would you like to know what exactly the sports centre has to offer for you? Well this is your chance! During a short guided tour you will learn all about the different facilities, the costs and how to look up the sport activities online. No need to sign up, meeting point is at the entrance of the sports centre.

Sport massage workshop

Learn how to give a relaxing, effective sports massage during this workshop by ImprovePhysiotheraphy. The amount of participants is restricted so be quick!Sign up here!

Chair Yoga by Wilma Twigt

Mindful break. A sore lower back, stiff neck, and tight hips and shoulders from sitting at a desk for 8+ hours? Solution: Chair Yoga. Duration 20 minutes. Walk in.


On Tuesday there will be a Tai-Gong workshop given by Peter Driessen. In this workshop you will “defrost” the tension in your body through flowing and calm movements. So do you want a calm and relaxed body? Then come and join us Tuesday 23th, 12:30-13:15. Depending on the weather the workshop will be either outside Zodiac or in the hall of Zodiac. Keep an eye on our Facebook page or intranet for updates about the location! Walk in.