Heart-to-heart talk with an experienced coach about life.

For students of Wageningen University.

Organised by Student Training & Support
Duration First 3 sessions free of charge
Venue Face-to-face or Online, depends on the availability of the coach

The coronavirus turned our lives upside down. Lots of online studying, limited meeting with friends and family. Alone in a room or living with your parents again... this confronts you with all sorts of uncertainties.

In this new situation, many questions arise. How to stay mentally healthy while being alone a lot? How to maintain your study rhythm? How to make friends while new in Wageningen? What to do about pondering or stress? How to relate to what is happening in the world?

In a Heart-to-Heart conversation, you can talk to an experienced student life coach about challenging situations in your life. Loneliness, relationships (love, friends, family), motivation, health, making choices, or questions about your future.

A conversation with a good listener may just take a load off your mind in these challenging times.