WIAS course: Image & Video Analysis

Organised by Ronald Petie, Ksenia Arkhipova

Mon 11 October 2021 until Thu 21 October 2021

Duration 5 days, 11,12,14,18,21 October 2021
Venue Orion, gebouwnummer 103
Room First week: B4030; Second week: B4016
This course is aimed at WU and WR PhD students, postdocs and employees who would like to improve their image or video analysis skills. The goals of the course are to give participants an overview of the available image and video analysis techniques and enable them to make well-informed choices on which technique to use and how to use the chosen technique responsibly. The course will cover both conventional and machine-learning-based analysis techniques.

Learning goals: After finishing the course, participants will be able to:

  • Have an overview of the available image and video analysis techniques;
  • Make well-informed choices on image and video analysis techniques;
  • Manage the pitfalls originating from the images, annotation process or analysis technique.

The target group / group size: In-depth course intended for post-graduates / 20 to 30 participants.

Prior knowledge required: Some basic experience in python and digital image/video processing is required.  A self-study introduction is available if needed.

Homework: There will be some practical home assignments.

Other course information: The in-person course duration is 5 days and the course is given once per year. There will be maximally 8 hours of self-study involved. Credit points: 1.6 ECTS.

Teacher: Joy Sun, Gert Kootstra and Helena Russello

Price description: €225 for WIAS and other WGS PhD candidates; €450 for WUR staff and PhD candidates from other universities;  €675 for NGO participants; €1350 for private sector participants.