Online WCSG Seminar on ‘Forest Governance: Hydra or Chloris’

You are invited to join the online seminar ‘Forest Governance: Hydra or Chloris’ organized by the Wageningen Centre of Sustainability Governance (WCSG), in collaboration with the Wageningen Graduate School of Social Sciences (WASS) and the Wageningen Institute for Environment and Climate Research (WIMEK). Please register your online of in-person attendance in the registration form below.

Organised by WCSG, WASS, WIMEK

Tue 14 December 2021 15:00 to 17:00

Venue Leeuwenborch, building number 201

Prof. Bas Arts (WUR) will present his latest publication ‘Forest Governance: Hydra or Chloris’ (Cambridge University Press) The the presentation will be followed by three short reviews by a discussant panel, consisting of prof. Katrien Termeer (Professor of Public Administration, WUR), prof. Arun Agrawal (Professor of Sustainability and Development, University of Michigan, USA) and prof. Lukas Giessen (Professor of Tropical and International Forest Sciences, Technical University Dresden, Germany). The seminar will be chaired by prof. Aarti Gupta (Professor of Global Environmental Governance, WUR).

Critical reflection

The Cambridge Element ‘Forest Governance: Hydra or Chloris’ offers a novel analysis of forest governance, inspired by discursive-institutionalism and philosophical pragmatism. It distinguishes different governance modes, shifts and norms, illustrated by various case studies (FLEGT, REDD+, Forest Certification, Participatory Forest Management). Special focus is on performance of these initiatives. Results are however quite mixed, which may lead to more optimist or more pessimist interpretations of the situation in which the world’s forests and forest-dependent people might find themselves today (Chloris versus Hydra worldviews). The panel is asked to critically reflect upon this analysis and relate it to the work of the wider environmental and forest governance research communities.

15.00 - 15.10 Welcome by Aarti Gupta (WUR)
15.10 - 15.30 'Forest Governance: Hydra or Chloris' by Bas Arts (WUR)
15.30 - 16.15 Discussion panel with Katrien Termeer (WUR), Lukas Giessen (TU Dresden) and Prof. Arun Agrawal (University of Michigan)
16.15 - 16.25 Response by Prof. Bas Arts (WUR)
16.25 - 16.55 Discussion and Q&A
16.55 - 17.00 Wrap-up and closing by Aarti Gupta (WUR)

Due to COVID-related restrictions, this event will be online. Please follow the link below.