InScience film festival: Picture a Scientist

PICTURE A SCIENTIST chronicles the groundswell of researchers who are writing a new chapter for female scientists. This eye-opening documentary for both men and women employs well-chosen personal histories and statistical data to investigate the issue of equality in science. Along with blood-boiling stories of explicit harassment, implicit gender (and racial) bias and entrenched institutional discrimination, the film also spotlights the bold and inspiring scientific luminaries who are changing the culture of science and providing new perspectives on how to make it more diverse, equitable and open to all.

Organised by Wageningen University & Research

Sat 21 November 2020 16:00

Venue Heerenstraat Theater
Price description Regular €12,50 | Cineville €3,-

But how do you picture a scientist? Are you aware of your implicit biases? How to increase equal chances? And what can be done on an individual and organizational level? Consumer scientist Betina Piqueraz Fiszman and microbiologist Diana Machado de Sousa invite you to discuss these questions together with senior university lecturer gender studies Margreet van der Burg after being inspired by the (female) scientists in Picture a Scientist.

More about InScience

InScience is one of the biggest science film festivals in Europe and is unique to the Netherlands. The festival focuses on the interface between film, science and society and originates in Nijmegen as a collaboration between Radboud University and arthouse LUX. This year the festival expands to all university cities in the country, including Wageningen.  

Scientists of Wageningen University & Research excite you to watch the movies through a different lens and invite you to have a vivid discussion on the future of science. The sixth edition of the festival takes place on 11-15 November in LUX Nijmegen, with a satellite festival on 21 November at Heerenstraat Theater Wageningen. The opening of the festival will take place in all participating cinemas on November 11th with the screening of Spaceship Earth.

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