InScience On Tour: Movies that excite (adapted programme)

InScience - International Science Film Festival Nijmegen is one of the biggest science film festivals in Europe and is unique to the Netherlands. The festival focuses on the interface between film, science and society and originates in Nijmegen, hometown of the Radboud University. This year the festival expands to university cities in the country, including Wageningen.

Organised by Wageningen University & Research

Sat 20 November 2021 until Sun 21 November 2021

Duration 11:00-16:00 (time varies per movie)

Four movies are specially selected for Wageningen’s On Tour programme, which are showed in the Heerenstraat Theater in Wageningen on 20 & 21 November 2021. Unfortunately, we decided to cancel all fascinating speakers due to the extra corona measures. We aim to reorganise the film festival with speakers to a later date early 2022.

Heerenstraat Theater and Wageningen University & Research excite you to watch the movies with a different lens. Living up to the philosophy of Wageningen Dialogues, we invite you to have vivid conversations on the future of our world and the future of science after watching these interesting movies.

The programmed movies are:

  • Birds of America: Following a route along the Mississippi, Birds of America shows how much was lost in a relatively short time through industrialisation, greed and indifference. Animals were made extinct, Native Americans persecuted, landscapes despoiled. A saddening view of what humanity can do. As well as a passionate ode to what nature has to offer. But what’s the essence and importance of documenting the world around us? And how can it be done in creative ways?
  • By The Throat: Without noticing it, our group identity is revealed not just by our appearance, but also by our throats. Our pronunciation and phonation determine the region we belong to, as they are formed by our mother tongue. In By the Throat, filmmakers Effi & Amir investigate the way our voice forms our identity, thus giving us our own internal checkpoint. They show modern variations of the shibboleth, a language test that determines which group you belong to and nowadays decides whether you can pass a checkpoint in Tel Aviv or be given asylum status, but also determines whether someone is seen as a man or a woman.
  • Citizen Nobel: The 2017 Nobel Prize in Chemistry transforms Jacques Dubochet’s life. Passing from the shadows to the light, he is solicited from all sides. What can he do with this voice, which is now being heard by everyone? How to define the struggles to be fought? How to become a “Citizen Nobel”, with the objective of assuming responsibility as a researcher and member of the human community? A speech by Greta Thunberg turns everything upside down…
  • In Silico: A young filmmaker sets out to document a brilliant neuroscientist who has become frustrated with his field's status quo. With time elapsing and millions of dollars on the line, In Silico explores an audacious 10-year quest to simulate the entire human brain on supercomputers. Along the way, it reveals the profound beauty of tiny mistakes and bold predictions - a controversial space where scientific process meets ego, and where the lines between objectivity and ambition blur.

The seventh edition of the festival takes place on 10-14 November in LUX Nijmegen, with a satellite festival on November 20th and 21th at Heerenstraat Theater Wageningen. All movies are in English or screened with English subtitles.

Order your tickets (€0 to €10) via Heerenstraat Theater.

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