Inside the Chinese Closet, by Sophia Luvarà

It tells the story about Andy and Cherry in their quest for love and happiness in Shanghai. Both are gay, but their families demand them to have a straight marriage and a child.

Organised by SHOUT Wageningen

Thu 8 December 2016 20:00

Andy devotes his days and nights to looking for a lesbian wife of convenience who could possibly bear his child; from online search to underground marriage markets, he is meeting all sorts of girls.

Cherry has already married a gay man, but the quest for a baby proves to be a far more complex challenge. Will Andy and Cherry deny their own happiness and sexual orientation to satisfy their parents’ wishes?

Inside The Chinese Closet follows Andy and Cherry in their search. Along the way, they clash with their parents’ hopes, their love partners and the partners of convenience. It is through these encounters that the film lays bare the challenges that confront gay people in China today.

After the movie there is time to discuss the questions of the documentary and how far we would go to make our parents happy.

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