Just Transitions Dialogue: Save the Date – October 12th 2022

You are working on research, policy or practices that contribute to more sustainable food or more climate resilience. You strongly believe that it is important to leave no one behind and to make sure that your work does not harm or exclude specific social groups.

Organised by Wageningen University & Research
Venue Online (Zoom)

But, you are wondering: ‘How do we know whether our transitions are really taking place in a just and fair way?’ The next Just Transitions Dialogue will be about ways to monitor and assess the justness of food and climate change transitions. Monitoring justness of these transitions is becoming increasingly important. For instance because it tracks progress on justness or because monitoring helps to identify where we can do better. These assessments can also be used for joint reflection, learning and further collaborations.

Do you want to share your views, your struggles, your approaches with your peers? Then join us in the next online Just Transitions dialogue. Registration is now open.