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Kick-off Programmes Towards Circularity: What is your innovative idea?

To move towards a circular and climate-neutral society, much research will be executed in the coming years by WUR. With bright ideas, all WUR employees stand a chance to one of the wildcards or Small Innovative Projects-grants (SIPs) provided by WUR. Join the kick-off of the call for innovative ideas of two Wageningen Circular programmes: Connected Circularity and Circular and Climate-neutral to learn more about the opportunities.

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Mon 25 June 2018 16:00 to 18:00

Venue Impulse, building number 115

Connected Circularity is one of the three investment themes of the strategic plan 2019-2022 and Circular and Climate-neutral is one of the KB-programmes (Knowledge Base) to develop new knowledge specifically at Wageningen Research. Both programs have budget available for creative and innovative ideas. The wildcards and SIP projects have a budget of 50k€ and 30k€ respectively per grant.

Join the kick-off to learn more about the investment theme Connected Circularity and the KB theme Circular and Climate-neutral. Find out more about the application procedure of the wildcard and SIP grants. Discover what you could contribute to these domains and explore if and how you could join forces with researchers from other groups, whom you can obviously also meet during the kick-off.

The first call opens June 26 and is open to every WU and WR researcher (including Wageningen Food Safety Research). The wildcards and SIP-grants are a great opportunity for (young) researchers to join forces with someone from another discipline, to extend your PhD/Postdoc study to deepener or broaden your research, to work together with an MSc student on a challenge or thesis, or to work on any other creative and bright idea that can contribute to the visions of the programs Connected Circularity and Circular and Climate-neutral.

Programme 25 June
16:00 Discover What are the circularity programmes about?
Dream Where would you like to work on?
Inform How to apply for the wildcards and SIP-grants?
18:00 Drinks Get to know your fellow researchers.