Alumni meeting

KNM - webinar: IPCC WG2 Assessment Report: How to Handle? - 21 March 2022

The Wageningen Environmental Studies Alumni Association (KNM) organizes a series of webinars on current topics in environmental sciences, open for all interested alumni, students and others.

Organised by KNM

In February the IPCC WG2 Assessment Report was released, and in this KNM webinar 3 scientists will share their insights and experiences on the content and process of writing such a report, and the follow up.

For instance, why these IPCC scenarios have to be tailored to the local Dutch situation, how this tailoring will be done, and how KNMI tries to facilitate the uptake of the results and findings in climate impact and adaptation research.

KNM invited you to attend this webinar on 21 March 2022. The webinar takes place via Teams. Register via the orange button below. Afterwards you will receive an e-mail confirmation with the link to the webinar. The activity is free of charge.

Keynote speakers

The making of

Dr. ir. Robbert Biesbroek (Wageningen University) is one of the authors of this report, and will share his experiences with composing this report (which includes important recommendations).

The role of IPCC reports for Dutch climate scenarios

Dr. Janette Bessembinder (KNMI and Hogeschool Amsterdam) will explain how information from IPCC reports is used to construct climate scenarios for the Netherlands that support impact assessments and adaptation research.

Climate Impact Atlas: presenting new climate insights

Eva Boon MSc (CAS and PhD student at WU) will explain how new insights on climate change are included in the Dutch Climate Impact Atlas and made available for policy-makers.


Moderator for this webinar is dr. Caroline Moermond.