Laboratory Class Enzymology & Analysis


Laboratory Class - Enzymology & Analysis

Are you a professional in the food industry and do you want to strengthen your expertise and knowledge about how experimental research can test a hypothesis and establish causation?

This two weeks full time on campus laboratory class will focus on robust experimental set-up and procedures with enzymology as the topic.

Organised by Wageningen University & Research

Mon 5 February 2018

Duration 3 weeks
Setup Campus WUR
Price description €1,230 (the first 30 participants will receive €100 price reduction)

Content of the course

In this laboratory class experiments on enzymatic conversions relevant for food processing and biorefinery will be designed and evaluated. In addition, various advanced analysis will be explained and used, including understanding of resulting data.


The activities comprise mostly laboratory classes. A tutorial to plan and design the experimental set-up will be provided prior to the lab classes. All information will be provided on Blackboard. The course consists of 2 weeks full-time on-campus work and 1 week finalisation of 4-8 hours.

What you will learn

  • Carry out an enzyme experiment relevant for food processing and biorefinery.
  • Select and carry out appropriate analysis, including more advanced chromatographic and mass spectrometric analysis.
  • Understand how experimental set-up is required to enable answering set research hypotheses.

Combining courses

When you want to learn more about food biotechnology and processing, other courses are interesting for you too! You can deepen your knowledge in a specific career field, without following a complete Master programme. You can register for any combination, but these are our suggestions:

Capstone project

After completion of two or more courses there is a unique opportunity to apply what you have learned. You can start a capstone project in consultation with a Wageningen expert in the field. It is a tailor-made project, where you will write a short paper about your results and conclusions. During this work you will be coached by the expert.
Price: €1,230,-.

Assumed knowledge

A completed BSc in Food Science and Technology or equivalent, the course Enzymology for Food and Biorefinery – Carbohydrases & Kinetics, the course Enzymology for Food and Biorefinery – Proteases, Lipases & Bioreactors, and lab skills (pipetting, accurate calibration curves). 


You can complete the course(s) with an exam (not obligatory) or a capstone project. When completed successfully this will be mentioned on your certificate (included in the price).

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