Live webinar on “Leveraging data for transformational change towards climate- and forest-friendly food systems”

The land use sector plays an important role in achieving a more sustainable future as forests are key to climate change mitigation, and food production must be ensured for a growing population. In this session we will discuss the role of data in achieving transformational change for the land use sector. We will discuss (1) the opportunities for better monitoring and quantification of land use and associated greenhouse gas sources and sinks, including the use of new technologies and global data; we will (2) highlight lessons learned and challenges of using this information to bring about transformational change towards more sustainable and climate friendly food systems; and (3) scientists and practitioners will share their experiences with data-related challenges, covering issues like transparency, power, and accountability.

Key questions of the session:

  • How is data being used by different stakeholders and how has this led to change?
  • What can we learn from the agriculture and forest sector? What can we learn from different countries/stakeholders?
  • What are the challenges and obstacles of using data for transformational change?
  • What is the role of transparency, and how do we move to more accountability in the land use sector?

Click here for more info on the program, speakers and for background material.

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