PhD defence

Maximization of sulfur formation in the presence of organic sulfur compounds in a dual-bioreactor gas desulfurization system

PhD candidate ms. K (Karine) Kiragosyan MSc
Promotor AJH (Albert) Janssen
Co-promotor ir. JBM (Jan) Klok
External copromotor dr. P Roman
Organisation Wageningen University, Environmental Technology

Wed 8 April 2020 13:30 to 15:00



Hydrogen sulfide and thiols are toxic and malodorous compounds, which have a low odor threshold and highly corrosive nature. These sulfur compounds are formed in the pulp industry, wastewater facilities, sewer systems, landfill sites, and are highly abundant in natural gas and crude oil. The release of formed H2S and thiols from the industrial sites into the environment are strictly regulated since 1970 as it constitutes to severe health problems and causes the formation of sulfur dioxide. Therefore, all industries should comply with the set emission regulations by removing all sulfur components from the gas streams. The available technologies for H2S and thiols removal are efficient and find their niches on the market. However, in the world is packed with human waste and battling global warming, sustainable technologies are a must, to decrease the human footprint on nature. Thus, Thiopaq O&G Ultra biodesulfurization process is studied to enable efficient hydrogen sulfide removal in the presence of thiols and to minimize operational costs and chemicals consumption.