Nature Positive Production

The subject of 'nature positive production' is something that has relevance to many stages of the food system, from the field, the farm and to the fork. It is the subject of much research within WUR (with an equivalent diversity of description and definition, hence the 'umbrella' title for this session); and the results of what we do so far ranging in relation to future policy and practice.

Organised by Wageningen University & Research

Tue 1 February 2022

Duration 14.00-16.30 CET
Venue Online

This creative brainstorm will focus on agro-ecosystems, thus the field and the farm. The various issues that apply here in terms of finding a way to deliver a nature inclusive approach will provide an important platform for developing ideas for where our research should focus now and in the future. Within this context we will consider a number of critical issues; one of these will be how to 'upscale' the approaches we are developing? What are the triggers both technological and societal that will allow both the transition and transformation to take place? If circular agriculture is to gain traction in our small country, but also in the European region and globally, how can we ensure that it is delivered with strong nature inclusive component? What are the other points on the horizon that we need to identify and how are we going to navigate our course in their direction?

We are looking for a creative tension that delivers innovation and new ideas that can help to provide a framework within which our future research programs can be developed. We also anticipate that the concepts, issues and questions that we generate will have a use that extends beyond our programs and into the wider work of WUR. We look forward to seeing you for an exciting session!