Outside Exhibition: Future of Nature

How do you imagine the future of nature? Artists of the ‘Future of Nature Collective’ envision new perspectives on nature with their multimedia stories. Part of their work is temporarily shown on Wageningen Campus and can be admired at the outdoor exhibition area (next to Impulse) and inside the main passage in Omnia. Are you working on campus this summer? Then wonder off by taking a campus walk, passing by these beautiful pictures.

Organised by Wageningen Dialogues

Fri 10 June 2022 until Fri 30 September 2022

Venue Stippeneng (next to Impulse)

We invite you to enjoy our beautiful campus, explore this outdoor exhibition and have an open conversation. With someone you know or accidentally meet at the exhibition. You may want to get to know each other better by asking questions like: What’s your relationship with nature? And with these works? What is everyone’s place in the ecosystem – and why? Surprise yourself. Start the conversation. Engage in dialogue

Collaborate with artists

This exhibition is curated by the MIAP foundation: “MIAP aims to connect and stimulate artists to create new perspectives on relevant social issues through visual stories.” They do that by enabling and stimulating cross overs and collaborations between artists, scientists and multiple actors in society. Do you have suggestions for collaborations with artists on campus? Contact us.