Peatland literacy public lecture

'Peatland literacy: Excavating interdisciplinary sites of learning' is the title of a talk by dr. Derek Gladwin of the University of British Colombia, Canada, which considers a multidimensional relationship between peatland literacy and interdisciplinary education.

Organised by Cultural Geography, Soil Geography and Landscape

Mon 28 October 2019 15:00 to 17:00

Venue Gaia, building number 101
Room Gaia 1

The morphology of peatlands through their wetland composition, as well as their positioning as cultural landscapes in parts of Europe such as the Netherlands, Ireland, and Denmark, reveal greater understanding of how to view them across various interdisciplinary and educational contexts. One of the benefits of interdisciplinary education involves integrating knowledge and methods from two or more disciplines to arrive at new discoveries. Considering the relational link between peatlands and interdisciplinarity, this talk explores how studying peatlands offers a flexible way of synthesizing ideas within learning, language, and representation. Peatlands function as alternative third or in-between spaces that can be an opening, invention, and place of constant transition across interdisciplinary learning.

Dr. Gladwin is an Assistant Professor of Language & Literacy Education and a Sustainability Fellow with the Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability at the University of British Columbia in Canada. His recent books include Contentious Terrains (2016), Ecological Exile (2018), and Gastro-Modernism (2019).