Physical and chemical stability of Pickering emulsions

Particle-stabilised emulsions, also known as Pickering emulsions, have recently met rising interest for biocompatible and food applications. This symposium highlights their potential assets in terms of chemical stability.

Organised by Food Process Engineering

Tue 3 July 2018 13:30 to 17:00

Venue Forum, building number 102
Room C0221

For this special occasion, guest speakers specialised in the fields of lipid oxidation, or of particle-stabilised emulsions or related colloidal systems, will present their latest research outcomes and perspectives.

The programme is as follows:

13:30 Welcome and introduction, Claire Berton-Carabin, WUR, FPE
13:45 Pickering emulsions stabilised by colloidal lipid particles: Potential for high chemical stability? Anja Schröder, WUR, FPE/PCC
14:10 Adsorption of particles at water-water interfaces, Hans Tromp, NIZO – Utrecht University
14:35 Break
15:00 Propagation of lipid oxidation in droplet ecosystems – A working hypothesis, Mickaël Laguerre, Naturex (Avignon, FR)
15:25 Early assessment of oxidative stability in a food emulsion by 1H NMR and ESR, Donny Merkx, Unilever – WUR, FCH
15:50 Double emulsions and antibubbles stabilized by lactide-based polymer particles for controlled release, Albert Poortinga, Bether Encapsulates – Eindhoven University
16:15 Drinks and networking