Put your New Year’s resolution into practice and start reducing your food waste

The end of the year is approaching. In the Netherlands this is the time to contemplate about your resolutions for the coming year. What do WUR students and employees have in mind? Perhaps you are planning to take the bike more often instead of the car? Or you want to start a weekly desk clean up?

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Tue 18 December 2018 17:00 until Fri 18 January 2019 17:00

Maybe we can suggest one...

Help to achieve the food waste reduction target of the United Nations. You can start right away by inspiring your colleagues and fellow students: Make a picture of your best left over recipe. Publish it on Instagram, use #WURlife and #foodwaste and win a box full of Verspilling is Verrukkelijk products. No Instagram? Send your picture to info.wfbr@wur.nl.

If we all waste less now, we together make a big difference. In this way we contribute to a more sustainable world for now and later.

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Curious to see what more you can do to reduce waste?

Put Toine Timmermans 4 tips into practice:

  • Better planning
  • Measure your ingredients before cooking
  • Eat your leftovers
  • Do not blindly stick to the expiration date, but trust your senses

For more inspiration on how to use your holiday leftovers, take a look at the website of United against Food Waste (Dutch):

Tips to reduce food waste

Samen Minder

About United against Food Waste

Within United against Food Waste Wageningen University & Research joins forces with Dutch companies, institutions, scientists, government and consumers to reduce the food waste by 50 percent in 2030. 

More information at www.samentegenvoedselverspilling.nl