Seminar: Three-dimensional tracking of insect flight

In various fields of research there is growing demand for quantifying 3D flight behavior of insects. Recent developments in machine-vision technology, fueled by increased computer power and the development of affordable high-resolution high-speed video cameras, offer great opportunities to incorporate 3D flight tracking in a wide range of experimental setups. Real-time tracking furthermore allows the use of flight information in closed-loop experiments and reduces data storage and processing times to a fraction of that for storing and analyzing video footage, enabling flight tracking over extended periods of time.
In this seminar, we will focus on developing various 3D tracking solutions and its application in a range of projects on insect flight behavior. The topic is relevant for several groups across different departments at Wageningen University and Research, and we hope that this mini-symposium will identify common grounds and opportunities for collaboration.

We welcome anyone interested in automated visual tracking, or in contributing to its development.

Organised by Experimental Zoology

Wed 21 June 2017 13:30 to 16:30

Venue Zodiac, building number 122
Room A0107


13.30 Welcome
13.35 Antoine Cribellier, Experimental Zoology Group Monitoring mosquito flight around odour-baited traps
13.50 Florian Muijres, Experimental Zoology Group High-resolution monitoring of body and wing kinematics in mosquitoes
14.05 Frank van Langevelde, Resource Ecology Group Understanding insect flight performance may help to solve problems in greenhouse pollination
14.20 David Ben Yakir, ARO, Israel, visiting scientist at Bio-interactions & Plant Health Using visual cues for tracking insects
14.35 Coffee break
14.50 Rob van Tol, Bio-interactions & Plant Health Optimizing thrips-control in green houses
15.05 Jeroen Spitzen, Laboratory of Entomology Keeping track of mosquitos
15.20 Martin Lankheet, Experimental Zoology Group Automated 3D tracking
15.35 General discussion