SG - A Sober Look at Psychedelics

Neuroscientist Michiel van Elk, author of ‘A Sober Look at Psychedelics’, introduces us to the world of psychedelics.

Organised by Studium Generale

Tue 13 September 2022 20:00

Venue Impulse, building number 115
Stippeneng 2
6708 WE Wageningen
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About series Psychedelics

Ayahuasca retreats are becoming increasingly popular. Psylocibine, the active ingredient in magic truffles, might be the new medicine against depression. MDMA has gained ground as a party-drug ánd psychedelic. Psychedelics are making a comeback. What does an in-depth look at these intriguing substances reveal?

Neuroscientist Michiel van Elk used to be skeptical of psychedelics, as he grew up in a very strict Christian community and for a long time avoided any kind of drug use. But somehow he got interested. He self-experimented with psychedelics, set up a research program on these substances and wrote the book ‘A Sober Look at Psychedelics’. Which substances can be called ‘psychedelics’, and why? How do psychedelics influence our brains? Do micro doses of LSD really make us more creative? Are some psychedelics potential medicines against depression? And who should avoid the use of psychedelics?

About Michiel van Elk

Dr. Michiel van Elk works at Leiden University, at the department of Cognitive Psychology. He leads the PRSM lab, which conducts interdisciplinary research on psychedelics, religion, spirituality and mysticism. This research is partly financed with a VIDI-grand from NWO.He published the book ‘Een nuchtere kijk op psychedelica. Wat wetenschap ons kan leren over geestverruiming’.(‘A Sober Look at Psychedelics. What Science Teaches Us on Mind Expansion’.)