SG - Lightening the Darkness: Drawing Lessons from Rembrandt

It is time for some hands on experience! In this interactive workshop, you can develop insights into Rembrandt’s drawing techniques and discover how to focus and draw what is important.

Organised by Studium Generale and the Rembrandt House Museum

How to shed light on what is really important? How do you show what fascinates you? In this interactive workshop, we turn to the grandmaster of focusing on what is essential: Rembrandt! Out of the ordinary, he creates the most extraordinary sceneries. Even when there is hardly any light to be seen, his works are full of life and suspense. What makes his work so exquisitely vivid and dynamic? Under the guidance of Rembrandt expert Nina Rave, you will experience hands on what makes up Rembrandt’s talent by following some of his steps through a number of drawing exercises. Using only a ballpoint and a sheet of paper, bring light into the darkness and practice how to draw what really matters.


You need a ballpoint and a sheet of (A4-)paper. A tablet with a drawing program will do as well. You can upload your drawings anonymously on Padlet. Full instructions will follow at the workshop.

About Nina Rave

Nina Rave

Nina Rave studied fine arts at the Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam. Fascinated by Rembrandt, she combines her artistic practice with her role as an educator in the Rembrandt House Museum.

About the Rembrandt House Museum

The workshop is inspired by the collection of Rembrandt etchings of the Rembrandt House Museum. For twenty years the Netherlands’ greatest artist lived and worked in this impressive building in the heart of Amsterdam, where you can visit his home and workshop. You can visit the website at