SG – Love & Sex in Times of Social Safety: Let Us Talk About Sex

How do we want to associate with each other in sex? Tonight we play Gelijkspel, an initiative by and for students to promote a positive sexual climate and experience.

Organised by Studium Generale

Tue 21 February 2023 20:00

Venue Impulse, building number 115

Interactive workshop by Gelijkspel, an initiative by and for students that aims to promote a positive sexual climate and experience.

Do you know what your sexual preferences and desires are, what gives you pleasure? Do you always know what your sexual partner(s) wants, prefers, finds pleasurable? And do you know how to check, ask, listen? How do you go about it when another’s sexual preferences do not match your own? And how do you navigate the discomfort that often comes with talking about sex? Tonight we play Gelijkspel and discuss together how we want to associate with each other in sex!

Note: This workshop is an interactive one, but please be assured that you do not have to share anything you don’t want to.

The workshop is in Dutch, an English-spoken workshop is in development and will follow in the fall.


Lotte, Giulia and Marloes are co-founders of GELIJKSPEL. GELIJKSPEL is an organisation which aims to create a positive sexual environment and experience among students.

About series ‘Love & Sex in Time of Social Safety’

What is it to “really” love someone? Where does intimacy start? How to have sex these days? How to flirt properly? What is a good one-night-stand? Can one have more than one sexual partner or romantic relationship without being shamed for it? Is it okay to not want to have sex at all? In this series, we explore together what intimacy, love and sex might mean nowadays, in a time that has put both sexual liberation and social safety high up on the agenda. What might seem as a private domain is, after all, also highly political: a place where social norms of patriarchy, heteronormativity and monogamy play out, as well as a potential site of liberating from those, experimenting with other forms and initiating social transformation. How can we do love and sex in a way that stays away from sexual harassment, unwanted intimacy, sexism, trans- and queer phobia and other forms of discrimination? How can we do better justice to the huge diversity of our own and each other’s erotic and romantic preferences, desires and wishes? Let us talk about love and sex!