SG – Science, Technology and Power

If colonisation were ongoing around us, how attuned would we be to recognising it?

Organised by Studium Generale

Tue 1 February 2022 20:00 to 22:00

About Science, Technology and Power

During our third session in the series Reframing Colonialism, the presentation will be slightly different than originally announced. Harro Maat (WUR) will share his expertise with us on science, technology and power in relation to colonial history. In this tour he will pay particular attention to the evolution of the WUR whilst touching upon the considerations at the heart of questions about the future of colonization and colonialism[s]. Due to unfortunate health circumstances, Oane Visser has had to withdraw from all engagements. We hope that he can share his research on Africa with a focus on power and data in global food systems on another occasion.

About series ‘Reframing Colonialism’

When colonialism ground to a halt, did colonisation end? We explore this question by looking at what underpinned colonialism and the evolution of colonisation. To what extent is it part of our shared past, present and perhaps even futures?

About Harro Maat

Harro Maat is associate professor in the Knowledge, Technology and Innovation Group (WUR). With a background in Science and Technology Studies, and the History of Technology, his work focuses on social patterns and institutional arrangements emerging from practices of growing food and other agricultural products. His interests extend to other practices, for example dealing with health threats, climate change and biodiversity, and how this results in socio-technical change in rural communities, past and present. Maat’s earlier work focused on the emergence of agricultural science in Dutch colonial contexts.