Shashi Kolavalli - Value chain development to benefit smallholders in Ghana: The effectiveness of selected interventions

Organised by Section Economics

Tue 19 October 2021 13:00 to 14:00

Venue Leeuwenborch, building number 201
Agricultural projects increasingly adopt value chain approaches, to benefit from linkages between producers and agricultural enterprises upstream and downstream of them, thus placing private sector in the lead. This seminar offers an overview of value chain type of interventions made in Ghana and examines the interventions made in two agricultural development projects: 1) platforms to encourage interactions among value chain actors, and 2) Improving the operations of individual actors, such as producers, service providers, traders, and processors. Using maize as an example, the seminar examines why value chain committees have failed to increase productivity, and more broadly, discuss the gaps in offering an environment that encourages producers to intensify their practices.
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