Alumni meeting

SKOV seminar - How will agricultural sustainability policies in the West impact the rural poor in Africa? - 13 April 2022

The study circle for development issues SKOV with the kind cooperation of the student club Nji Sri and the study associations Ipso Facto and Nitocra, cordially invites you, members, alumni, students, and other interested persons to a live seminar on How will agricultural sustainability policies in the West impact on the rural poor in Africa? Challenges and efforts for solutions.

Organised by SKOV
Venue Forum, building number 102
Room C0763


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  • Welcome, (5 min) by ir Cor de Jong, president of SKOV

  • “Sustainability transition in rich country agriculture and the global poor” (40 min) by dr ir Niek Koning, expert in food security, international agricultural policies and economic development. Former lecturer at the Centre for Sustainable Development and Food Security and in the Department of Social Sciences Wageningen University & Research

  • “The future of Agricultural Development in Africa” (20 min) by Stefan Schüller, MA., Policy Officer Agroecology and Inclusive Land Governance Policy at Both Ends, Utrecht

  • Plenary discussion (50 min) chaired by dr ir Ellen Mangnus, development economist and development philosopher at the Wageningen University & Research

  • A word of thanks (3 min) by Bruno Miranda (Ipso Facto)

  • Closing remarks, (2 min) by Cor de Jong

    Registration closed

    For attending this seminar, you are kindly requested to register at by Monday 11 April 2022.
    Participation is free of charge.
    Venue: Forum Building no. 102, Wageningen Campus, room C0763

    Drinks, bites and dinner

    After the seminar, you may enjoy “drinks and bites” in the Restaurant van de Toekomst.
    As an option, you can have a Middle Eastern dinner in the nearby restaurant at the cost of € 25 p.p. payable in cash on the spot (including wine and coffee). Registration for the dinner is necessary and binding.
    Venue: Impulse building no. 115, Wageningen Campus, Restaurant van de Toekomst (5 minute-walk from the Forum Building).