Student boards - Business Skills Programme (2) - 16 January 2019

This second workshop of the Business Skills Programme started with some welcoming words by Mayor Geert van Rumund in the Wageningen City Hall. The topics of the workshops were primary managerial concepts, basal business administration and financial skills.

Organised by University Fund Wageningen

Wed 16 January 2019 17:30 to 21:30

Venue Wageningen City Hall


  • Primary managerial concepts
  • Basal business administration
  • Financial skills

The topics of this evening were presented in Dutch.

Summary of the evening

Wednesday January 16th 2019 was the second session of the Business Skills Programme 2018-2019. This evening was held in the new townhouse of Wageningen where the evening was opened by the Mayor of Wageningen, Geert van Rumund. The evening was dominated by administrative and financial concepts. It was an instructive and interactive evening, in which the student boards were given a lot of space to ask questions and even to discuss a real-life case.

The speaker before the break was the Mayor of Wijk bij Duurstede and WUR alumnus, Tjapko Poppens. He discussed how the Netherlands is governed, from our national board in The Hague, to the provincial administrations, to the board in the municipality. He also focused on the separation of powers (legislative, executive and judiciary) and how this system ensures that no one gets too much power and how these powers control each other. This was accompanied by many examples from the practice of his being a mayor and in between many questions were asked by the students. After this, it was time for a break with a delicious 'stamppotten' buffet.

After dinner, Jules van Berlo (Partner at Claasen, Moolenbeek & Partner, and WUR alumnus) spoke about basic financial concepts and showed, using several examples and a real-life case, how business plans and financial figures of a (new) company can show how successful an organization is and can become and what being an entrepreneur is all about. All in all it was a very successful evening.