Student colloquium August 23

Organised by Operations, Research & Logistics group

Tue 23 August 2022 12:00 to 13:30

12:00 | Jort Buitenhuis | Master thesis final presentation
Incorporating quality decay in the inventory routing problem under stochastic supply’
Supervisors: dr. Rene Haijema, dr. Dmitry Krushynskyi

12:20 | Francesca Binacchi | Master thesis final presentation
‘Modelling approach for optimization of meal-kit delivery service
Supervisor: dr. Frits Claassen

12:40 | Thijs Luchtenburg | Bachelor thesis final presentation
Non-linear handling costs in location allocation problems’
Supervisor: dr. Frits Claassen

13:00 | Jordy Schennink | Master thesis final presentation
‘Allocation of gains and costs from optimizing manure distribution and land exchange between dairy and arable farms in The Netherlands’
Supervisors: dr. Argyris Kanellopoulos, dr. Frits Claassen

13:20 | Casper Rietman | Internship final presentation
‘Sustainability Analysis at TAUW’
Supervisor: dr. Ellen Slegers