Studium Generale Spring Festival 2022: Perception - Between Art and Science

What do you perceive, when you look, listen, smell, taste, touch? What do you perceive when you move your body around through its surroundings, on the rhythm of a beat? What would the world look like, if you were a tortoise or an octopus in the deep sea, or a bat flying around campus?

Organised by Studium Generale

Thu 19 May 2022 12:30 to 23:59

Venue Impulse, building number 115


We happily present to you the full festival programme. Ticket sale starts this week on the 11th of May! More information about the ticket sale can be
found below.

Join us at Impulse Terrace from 12.30hrs onwards, when we open our festival with artists and performers Marta & Kim in FASE. In this engaging performance, the combine circus and dance building, turning, whirling around each other and the audience.

Meet theatre performer and maker Rachel Schuit and trust the touch of your guide in this personalized tour on campus. Musician and sound artist Dennis van Tilburg will take you on an unexpected auditory journey on campus, that may sound as you have never heard it before. Or travel through time! Join philosopher Boris van Meurs on this Deep Time Walk at and beyond our campus.

Do you remember the taste, smell or temperature of your breakfast this morning? Just before dinner, WUR psychologist Garmt Dijksterhuis takes you on a philosophical and experiential tour across our forgotten senses.

What’s like to be an animal? Visit artist Theun Karelse at the Impulse Terrace to
feel an animal’s voice inside your body. Or join our Jam Sessions in the evening! Starting with visual artist and theatre maker Mirthe Dokter, who presents and discusses her documentary Leatherback, a painted diary in which she follows a small squad of Ghanese men attempting to save the mysterious Leatherback sea turtle from extinction. She will be joined by WUR researchers Ronald Osinga and Sjouke Anne Kingma.

Or imagine yourself becoming friends with an octopus in the deep sea, in this screening of acclaimed documentary My Octopus Teacher. Is that even possible? We will enter into conversation with philosopher of animal cognition Bas van Woerkum, and WUR biologist Lysanne Snijders.

And what would it be like to be a bat, orienting yourself in the dark night with echolocation? Join this Night Walk in the Wageningen forest surroundings, guided by novelist and theatre maker Marjolijn van Heemstra, animal ecologist Kamiel Spoelstra, and nature guide Wim Braakhekke.

Also to be found on the Impulse Terrace:

Starting point for several performances / Short story writer Nicole Kaandorp will write literary portraits of festival goers / Bandoneon music by street musician Marc Constandse / WUR’s artist in residence Remco de Kluizenaar / Ticket Sale & Registration / Vreemde Streken: Fancy a coffee, tea, soft drink, beer (from 16:00hrs onwards)? With a tasty snack? Pass by Vreemde Streken, the drinks&food-truck to be found at Impulse Terrace.

Ticket Sale & Registration

The Festival is freely accessible, except for several performances for which the number of participants is limited and for which you have to register and buy a ticket. Tickets will be on presale for € 2,- (cash only) in the Main Hall in Forum, during the lunch break (12.00-14.00hrs), from 11 till 18 May. If still available, tickets can be purchased for € 3,- at Impulse Terrace during the Festival itself.

Spring Festival Spin-Off