Training course

Successful Working Together

Group work is an inspiration to some, a frustration and source of stress fro many others. However, working together, sharing experiences and questions in class, and doing group work is a skill you can learn.

At an international university like WUR, many forms of cooperation come together. This can add to the challenge, but it can also broaden our perspectives and even improve the outcome.

Read on if you want to learn to work successfully together.

Organised by Student Training & Support
Duration Hope to schedule in 2023-2024

Self-development opportunity

Would you like to know how you can get the best out of yourself and your team members, so that you can achieve the best possible results in group work?

Do you want to know how to communicate better in an environment where people from different cultures are present? Are you interested in how mindfulness and compassion can help you listen more effectively and judge (yourself and others) less?

We invite you to take part in these sessions, where you will learn that working in a group can be an opportunity for self-development (and not only a source of stress) by:

  • Learning the basics of nonviolent communication;
  • Practicing mindful communication and deep listening;
  • Working in a group: acknowledging the differences, accepting yourself and others, finding the common ground;
  • Group stress: sharing your difficulties, finding your strengths.

For whom is this training course?

BSc and MSc students at WUR that:

  • have ever felt uncomfortable during group work;
  • really enjoy group work, but find it hard to incorporate the contributions from all group members;
  • want to learn how to contribute effectively in a group;
  • want to know how to encourage all group members to share;
  • would like to recognise individual differences, whilst developing a sense of common humanity.

Practical information

Group size 8 to 12 students
Language English
Duration 2 face-to-face meetings
Cost Free of charge; offered by Student Training & Support

Are you interested to join this course in the future (2023-2024), you can share your contact details by clicking 'Register here'. As soon as new details are published we will send you an e-mail.