Summer school

Summer course: Wild Perspectives

Our “connectedness” with nature and biodiversity is usually portrayed through the human eye, separate from or embedded within anthropogenic structures. However, in this course we introduce perspectives through the lenses of animals and plants. Wild Perspectives is a one-week summer course on the Dutch landscape from that “wild” perspective. We reflect on our relationships with nature and the influences of these images and relations on nature (conservation) and land use.

Organised by FNP, WEC

Mon 28 August 2023 until Fri 1 September 2023

Venue Creative garden, Bornsesteeg 87 Wageningen
Price EUR 25.00

Several workshops and excursions help us reflect on our human position in nature and alternative ways of viewing and being in nature. We use writing, theatre and meditation techniques a.o. as a means of learning. We carry out a “deep time walk” and a “wild walk” through the Dutch landscape, including an overnight stay in the forest. Students work in teams on a creative assignment based on their summer course experiences that will be presented and evaluated during a campfire session on the last evening. Lastly, students write an essay to be submitted in September.

Open for BSc (2+) and MSc students of any program.

See the poster for more information.

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