Surf Your Stress café | So much to do, so little time...

What did the corona pandemic teach us about Time Management and Pace of Living?

During the pandemic, many people also experienced a sense of relief about not having to rush from one activity to the other. Suddenly, FOMO was non-existing and our agendas were almost empty. Since the measures were lifted, however, there are again many opportunities for meeting people and going out.

Are you having a full agenda? Is it desirable to try to make up for ‘lost time’? Join the Surf your Stress Café to talk with peers and a study adviser about your experiences!

Organised by Surf your Stress

Wed 8 June 2022 15:30

Duration 15:30h - 17:00h Face-to-Face
Venue Café Loburg, Molenstraat 6, Wageningen
Price description Free (incl FREE drinks & bites)

What are the positive takeaways from the corona restrictions?

When there were many restrictions, people discovered new ways of spending their time, or revived old hobbies. Crafting, going out for walks, drawing and mediating were popular activities. The measures to prevent the spreading of the coronavirus also offered to some a disruption of a busy life. While the reason for this is very unfortunate, is there also something beneficial that we can take away from these ‘corona times’?

During the Surf your Stress café, we make time to reflect on what is a desirable pace of life and how to organise your time.

You are welcome to join us at Café Loburg on 8 June from 15:30 to 17:00 to share and learn about Time Management and Pace of Living.

And, it’s not called a café for anything…of course, there will be free drinks (non-alcoholic) and bites.

Hope to see you there.