Training course

Tackle your decision anxiety - Weg met keuzestress 2022-2023

Do you find it difficult to make decisions? Do you avoid choosing, worry about your choices, or are you getting anxious when facing a (complex) choice? Trust us, you are not the only one! Let’s team up and explore the difficulties of decision-making together.

Organised by Student Training & Support

Thu 23 February 2023 17:00

Duration 4 x Wednesday: 23 Feb & 2, 9, 16 March 2023 | 17.00-18.30
Venue Forum, building number 102
Price description Free

Why is choosing so difficult?

How do you choose? Do you make a list of pros and cons? Do others influence your decision? Do you follow your gut feeling? Or do you choose whatever comes up? Or do you take no decision at all?

In this training you will learn more about why choosing can be difficult and why this causes anxiety, worry and/or procrastination (a little sneak preview; there is a very logical biological reason!). A little sneak preview; there is a very logical biological reason!

You will explore where your decision anxiety comes ffrom. You learn which mechanisms often cause feelings of stress or anxiety. These insights, together with some hands-on tips, will help you with future decisions you will face.

About the training

The training course consists of four sessions.

  1. The biology of decision anxiety (blame evolution), what is decision anxiety, stress, what does your decision anxiety look like?
  2. Worrying, critical thoughts, tips for making small decisions
  3. Habitual patterns, values, decision making process
  4. Logical errors, recap

Practical info

Group size Max. 15 participants
Language English
Duration 4 sessions of 1,5 hours
Cost Free of charge; offered by Student Training & Support