Theatrical tour Everything is Connected

In this guided theatrical tour on Wageningen Campus, a dancer, a musician and a performer give their artist impressions on “protein transition” research of WUR. Researchers in this field strive for a more sustainable food system, an urgent task with huge challenges.

Organised by Wageningen University & Research

Thu 25 August 2022 16:00

Fri 26 August 2022 12:00

Sat 27 August 2022 16:00

Sun 28 August 2022 16:00

Venue World Soil Museum
ISRIC World Soil Museum (voor de steenrode gevel), Droevendaalsesteeg 3, 6708 PB Wageningen

Carbondioxide, nitrogen, climate, eating culture, geopolitics, technology, economy, all lifeforms on earth, everything is connected. Remco de Kluizenaar, Soundartist in residence at WUR invites dancer Yeli Beurskens (Arnhemse meisjes, Vloeistof, Telder) and Nigel Appelboom (Artez, music theater), to try to find a new perspective together. If anywhere the solutions for these problems can be found, it would be in Wageningen. But what if scientist here are worried too about the future of mankind. Can artists help with creativity? Searching for answers, will De Kluizenaar and friends get lost in a world wide web of thoughts, or reconnect to a wood wide web? A musical humorous show with dazzling insights in the history and future of our beloved planet.

Remember this is an outside show so dress for the weather, and wear shoes that can take you a mile, partly on grass/sand. (wheelchair accessible, advised age 10+) language: English


25th of August     16:00h (try-out) 
26th of August     12:00h
27th of August     16:00h
28th of August     16:00h

Tickets and info

Tickets for WUR employees and students are free.
Go to the website of Remco de Kluizenaar.