The #MeToo movement and the scandal following years of sexual misconduct at the TV show ‘The Voice of Holland’ have really let the genie out of the bottle. But of course, it was always there: we're talking about abuse of power and transgressive behaviour.

POSTPONED! On - date & time will be published a.s.a.p. - TIME OUT performs the interactive theaterplay SAFE SPACE about Social Safety at Orion/Waaijerzaal.

Organised by Student Training & Support
Duration The performance has been postponed - a new date will be published a.s.a.p.
Venue Orion (building 103), Waaijerzaal
Price Free

Let's talk about it!

Transgressive behavior and abuse of power is high on the agenda nowadays, and so it should be!

Research shows 7% of students are bullied, 3 in 10 of students experience insecurity during their education, 1 in 10 women have been raped during their college days, 4 in 10 victims do not feel safe to share this and almost half of lhbtiq+ students feel discriminated against.

And what about you? Everything chill? Also good! But let's talk about it!

More than sexual harassment

Together with students, TIME OUT! has created an interactive theatre play about social unsafety at the University What is transgressive behaviour anyway; how do you define it? Where and when do things happen and how does it start? Sure thing: social unsafety is much more than sexual harassment alone. Think about bullying, discrimination or exclusion.

Real life experiences

Just calling the offender a bastard doesn't get us there. We must start the dialogue. With good courage and a little guts. TIME OUT! aims to trigger that conversation by staging theatre scenes that were specifically written for real life experiences of WUR students.

Block 17 October in your calendar!

It is time for an honest conversation and a good dose of humor in the Waaijerzaal @ Orion. Gather your friends or housemates, your sports buddies or anyone who might be interested. You're in for a chill evening that contributes to improving your own situation and that of the people around you.

We'll see you in Orion on 17 October!