Transboundary water and politics (public lectures)

Dr Naho Mirumachi (KCL) and Dr Filippo Menga (University of Reading) will give 30-minute lectures on issues of transboundary river conflict and cooperation, power and space as part of the Wageningen Water Politics Week.

Organised by Sociology of Development and Change

Tue 12 May 2020 14:00 to 15:45


While part of a WASS PhD/advanced MSc course, these two lectures are open to all interested. Naho Mirumachi, who among others worked on the Mekong, and Filippo Menga, who worked on Central Asian water, are part of the London Water Research Group which has congealed around issues of power, politics and hegemony in transboundary water interactions.

After the sessions, there will be an opportunity to have a breakout session with Naho or Filippo. Jeroen Warner (SDC) and Sumit Vij (PAP) will chair the session.

The link to the session is: