Transdisciplinary Lunch Crowd: "Living Labs: Towards a framework for assessment"

Living labs, a collaborative tool used to support sustainable transitions, come in many forms making them difficult to set-up and evaluate. Irene Bouwma from Wageningen Environmental Research is involved in the Living Lab Green Circle Sustainable French Fries and is leading a research project on assessing living labs in an agroforestry context and will lead our first session on living labs (please see attachment for visual). After searching for a practical and useful means of assessing living lab projects, she and her team (Seerp Wigboldus, Jorieke Potters, Judith Westerink, Trond Selnes and Sabine van Rooij) developed a framework for analyzing the various aspects of living labs (process, technical achievements, management, and policy measurements), which is adaptable to the needs and timing of the living lab (set up, start phase during, end). In this session, Irene and her team will share the key features of this flexible framework, which can be applied to living lab contexts outside of agroforestry. After a general introduction, the discussion will continue is several smaller breakout sessions (moderated both online and in-person).

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