Transdisciplinary Lunch Crowd: Transdisciplinary, trans-institutional Knowledge Creating Teams for the creation of challenge-driven educational programmes

Organised by Wageningen Institute for Environment and Climate Research (WIMEK)

Tue 22 March 2022 12:30 to 13:30

Venue Lumen, building number 100
Room Lumen 1

Gemma O’Sullivan is a Senior Research Associate at EWUU - the alliance of TU/e, WUR, UU and UMC Utrecht. Her research focuses on transdisciplinarity and challenge-based education.

In this session she will share preliminary research into the use of Knowledge Creating Teams (KCTs) for the design and implementation of a transdisciplinary challenge-driven masters’ programme. The masters’ programme resulted from a five-university, trans-institutional, challenge-driven university alliance funded and piloted by the European Commission.

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