Urban Farming beyond food production

As metropoles all over the world are encouraging urban food production, agriculture is making its way back to the cities. Urban farming in its modern forms looks cool (check #rooftopgarden), helps to green and cool down urban heat islands, and produces food that has positive associations: local, fresh, sustainable.

Organised by Wageningen University & Research

Wed 3 November 2021 15:00

Venue Impulse, building number 115

Urban Greenhouse Challenge has been set up to explore the potential of urban farming in all its forms. The third edition of this international student competition focuses on urban farming as a catalyst for social impact. How can it create benefits for local residents? What is needed to design a socially inclusive concept? Can urban farms play a role in bringing back social justice?

In the opening event of the Urban Greenhouse Challenge#3, Dr Sabine O’Hara (University District of Columbia), Tiffany Tsui (Vertical Farm Institute) and Dr Sigrid Wertheim-Heck (Wageningen University & Research) will discuss those, and other questions related to impact of the urban farming beyond food production.

The event will be presented by Simone Ritzer, Programme Facilitator Wageningen Dialogues and can be followed live at Impulse on WUR Campus or online!


  • Welcome word: Prof Arthur Mol, Rector Magnificus Wageningen University
  • Key-note: Urban Food Hubs Initiative: igniting community empowerment
    • Dr. Sabine O'Hara about the transformative power of local food systems and the role that urban agriculture can play in mitigating systemic racism
  • Round table discussion with Tiffany Tsui and Dr Sigrid Wertheim-Heck
    • Topic 1: Beyond nutrition: food as part of one’s culture and identity
    • Topic 2: Urban agriculture as means of greening the cities/ creating public spaces
    • Topic 3: The role of urban farms in transforming local economies
  • Launch of the third edition of the Urban Greenhouse Challenge; The Social Impact edition.