Vision Board

Stay focused on the things that matter to you!

Do you lack focus or want to clear your mind? In these turbulent times where the world is changing and so much is happening around us, it is important to stay on track.

Organised by Student Training & Support
Duration Currently not scheduled
Price Free

In this workshop you will define the things that matter to you, such as short term and long term goals, and make them concrete on your personal vision board. Your vision board will help you ‘program’ your mind with those goals, which makes you more focused on them in your day to day life and makes it more likely to actually achieve them.

This is a Student for Student (St4St) training given by experienced, students/new graduaties Laura Grootes and Mariana Floriana.

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Practical info

Language English
Participants 15 - 20 participants
Meetings 1 workshops
Cost Free; offered by Student Training & Support

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