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Wageningen Biodiversity Challenge

Biodiversity is extremely important and at Wageningen University & Research (WUR), we all agree on that. But what do you know about the different species of animals and plants that live in the Netherlands? For example, on our own campus? On 24 and 25 June, you can learn about everything that grows and blooms during the Wageningen Biodiversity Challenge. Read more and sign up.

Organised by Wageningen University & Research

Fri 24 June 2022 12:00 until Sat 25 June 2022 17:00

Venue Wageningen campus (tours) and other WUR locations (Bioblitz)

The Wageningen Biodiversity Challenge aims to bring together WUR staff, students and other residents of Wageningen Campus to discover more about biodiversity. We are organising nature tours, counting species, and invite everyone to visit the presentations and stands.

Nature tours

Join a nature tour on campus! Students and employees of WUR are the experts who can tell you exactly which plants, water animals or butterflies you will encounter. So sign up for the species tour that appeals to you.

Tours last about two hours and take place in different time slots on Friday afternoon and Saturday. A number of excursions will be available in English (provided there are enough participants). For all the early birds, there is a special birding excursion on Saturday morning. There are also tours open to children on Saturday.

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Challenge: how many species can you discover?

We don't just want to look at all the beautiful nature: we are also going to collect data. Have you got the hang of it after one of the excursions? Then join the 'Bioblitz': together we will try to find as many species as possible in a short time. This year we are aiming for 1000 species! External locations of WUR can also participate in the Bioblitz.

The Bioblitz will take place from 24 June to 1 July. The data collected will help us track trends in biodiversity over time.

Stands and presentations

On Friday, Omnia will be our meeting place and on Saturday, Forum. Come see presentations, posters and films about biodiversity research, share your photos and visit the stands. Everyone is welcome!