Wageningen co-organises international summer course in Beijing

Wageningen University joins Chinese universities to give a one-week course to address challenges in governing forest landscape restoration.

Organised by Forest and Nature Conservation Policy

Mon 9 July 2018 until Fri 13 July 2018

Venue Beijing, China
China has experienced dramatic landscape changes over the last century due to its massive political and socio-economic transformation, which had led to large-scale deforestation, water and soil erosion and loss of biodiversity. It has, however, been succesful in the past two decades to reforest and restore about 3.6 million hectares of forests annually, which is about 35% of its total global forest loss.

Landscape degradion - deforestation, erosion and drought - takes place all over the world, due to unsustainable production and consumption patterns and exploitative global market relationships.

The summer school, to be held from 9 to 13 July in Beijing, aims to address these themes for PhD students - particularly in China and also Africa and other countries in Asia - and professionals in landscape planning and environmental governance. There will be a combination of lectures, academic reflections, practical games, field visits and case studies.

Prof. dr. Bas Arts (Forest & Nature Conservation Policy, Wageningen University) and dr. Cora van Oosten (Wageningen Centre for Development Innovation) will be among the speakers and hosts of the various lectures and activities.

The main organisers of the course are Prof. Liu Jinlong of the Renming University of China, Dr. Lu De of the APFNet, Prof. Wen Yali and Prof. Cheng Baodong of the Beijing Forestry University, and Zhu Chungquan of IUCN China.