Wageningen Youth Institute Finals - 16 March 2023

The finals of the Wageningen Youth Institute will take place on March 16 during which high school students from across Europe will share their recommendations for solving global food security problems. The amazing line-up of experts and speakers will inspire young and old to keep on addressing these food security issues.

Organised by Wageningen University & Research

Thu 16 March 2023

Venue Wageningen Campus

Rather participate in the January 26 edition? Click here to go to the Wageningen Youth Institute January 26, 2023 page and upload your essay there.


During this day, students will discuss the research they have done during roundtable discussions with experts.

What is a roundtable discussion?

  • During a roundtable discussion six to eight high school students and two or three experts sit at a table. Together they discuss the research that the students have conducted and the Global Challenge essay they have written.
  • The high school students take turns in pitching their advice in three minutes. The experts will then respond to the pitch and a pre-designated student will ask a question.
  • You cannot use a (powerpoint) presentation for the pitch. However, you can show items during your pitch.
  • After all pitches there is time for a joint discussion in which the pitched problems and solutions will be elaborated on.
  • After the roundtable discussions, all participants will receive a Borlaug Scholar certificate.