Webinar: Farm of the future and sustainable farming

In this exciting webinar Jannet de Jong and Sergio Ooijens from Lely will introduce the topic of farm of the future and therefore sustainable farming!

Organised by WUR Student Challenges

What is, exactly, the meaning of farm of the future and sustainable farming? How can technology, and specifically robotics and data, help in building this future vision in farming? The most innovative organization within agri will tell you all about it. For almost 75 years we’ve been disruptive in this market to provide a sustainable, profitable and enjoyable future for dairyfarmers.

Sergio Ooijens and Jannet de Jong from Lely will enlighten participants with the latest development in the sustainable and innovative farming world.

  • Sergio Ooijens, a purebred engineer who graduated as a mechanical engineer in 1999, but can now call himself Head of International Marketing and Communications at Lely and Head of Processing. 
  • Jannet de Jong, programme manager Startups at Lely has a  background in neuropsychology with experience in innovation, startups, international development and business development.