Webinar: Plant-based cheese alternatives with Those Vegan Cowboys

In this exciting webinar Those Vegan Cowboys will introduce the world of plant-based cheese so to make the protein transition work!

Organised by WUR Student Challenges

Wed 12 May 2021 13:00 to 14:00

Do you know the latest developments in the plant-based cheese alternatives world? Do you want to know more about plant-based cheese? Those Vegan Cowboys are developing new vegan foods that are indistinguishable in flavour, structure, nutritional properties and values from milk, cheese, yoghurt, and butter.

They take the next step in dairy production by joining forces to produce a new plant-based cheese. In this webinar, we will discover that the production of vegan dairy alternatives is sustainable, with a significant reduction of water, land and CO2 emission of at least 5 times lower compared to cow milk. Furthermore, Those Vegan Cowboys strive for healthy products with less saturated fats, which are suitable for people with lactose intolerance.

  • Niko Koffeman is a founder and Chief Marketing Officer of Those Vegan Cowboys​​​​​​
  • Will van den Tweel (alumni Wageningen University) is an experienced entrepreneur and Project Director of Those Vegan Cowboys.

This event is organized in collaboration with the University Fund Wageningen (UFW). UFW invests in the strengthening of the contacts between WUR and her alumni, businesses, and relevant social organisations. As such they contribute to the relevance and quality WUR’s domain: healthy food & living environment.