Webinar: Reinventing Food Supply Chains

Have you thought about how many steps exist between food and you? Often food travels long distances from the moment it is produced to the final consumer. This ends up in loss of freshness, food waste, and a big carbon footprint. This webinar will show you how food supply chains can look in a near future, so food can reach its destination in an user controlled, obstacle free, and local way.

Organised by Wageningen University & Research

Thu 10 March 2022 15:30

Simone Koekkoek, Pixelfarming

Vegetables grown by robots sounds like a feature in a sci-fi movie. But it is actually what owner Simone Koekkoek does at pixelfarming.eu. With her robots, her customers can grow their own vegetables on a square plot in her 'pixel farm'. When it's time to harvest, the fresh produce are sent directly to the customers.

Maarten Klop, Local2local

Do you know your local farmers? Well, Local2local sure does, and they are feeding communities without all the 'fuss' in between. Local2local Talents coordinator Maarten Klop will give you an insiders' look on how they build a network of farmers and businesses, and bring young people into the frontlines of our food system transition.