Willem Romers – In Contrast

“In Contrast” is the new project of drummer / composer Willem Romers. In this project, Willem translates extreme contrasts that we all experience in daily life into music. Silence vs Chaos, Light vs Dark, Future vs History and Simplicity vs Complexity. The result is a beautiful combination of electronic soundscapes, melancholic melodies, energetic grooves and timeless moments.

Organised by Wageningen University & Research

Tue 1 March 2022 12:30 to 13:30

Venue Impulse, building number 115

In this new adventure Willem was searching for freedom and space to let his music breathe. He found this in a unique combination together with saxophonist Jesse Schilderink and guitarist Jelle Roozenburg. With their fresh sound and intuitive playing they are making every concert a unique experience for the audience.


Jesse Schilderink – Saxophone

Jelle Roozenburg – Guitar

Willem Romers – Drums