Congratulations on graduating!

Congratulations! After years of hard work, the time has finally come: you've graduated! We hope you look back on your time in Wageningen with pleasure and are proud to be a member of the community of more than 62,000 international fellow alumni. Because you know: once a Wageninger, always a Wageninger!

The university would like to keep in touch with you and there are many possibilities and advantages of the WUR alumni network. See below for more information. To ensure that we always have your correct details, you can submit your current name and address details here. Check out the alumni homepage for our events, newsletters and all other ways to stay connected with the alumni network.

Don't forget about us!

There are many different ways to stay connected with WUR and your fellow alumni.

- Have you heard of WUR Connect? WUR Connect is our alumni platform. Stay in touch with other Wageningen alumni, university staff and students. You can also easily stay in touch with all your former fellow students via WUR Connect and stay involved in the inspiring WUR network. Download the app for Apple Android or visit the platform via your internet browser.

- In addition, from now on you will receive Wageningen World in your mail and you will receive an alumni newsletter every quarter of the year. To ensure that we always have your correct information, you can submit your current information here.

- You can also follow WUR on the following social media platforms:

International activities

Our alumni all over the world are very important to us, which is why we want to support a close relationship among our international alumni themselves and with Wageningen University & Research (WUR). We try to stay in contact with our international alumni in various ways.

- We have Alumni Chapters in many different countries. So quickly check whether there is an Alumni Chapter in your favorite country where you can organize fun activities and share knowledge together with other WUR alumni! Click here for more information.

- The 4TU is the Dutch partnership of technical universities. Together they organize activities for 4TU alumni all over the world under the banner of DEAN (Dutch Engineers Alumni Network). Click here for more information.

- Also take a look at the NL alumni network; a worldwide network of Dutch alumni all over the world. Various networks can be found all over the world.

Help with your career

Are you looking for a job or would you like to talk to a career coach? You can contact Student Career Services after graduation too. In addition, from 2021 WUR will also organize activities especially for young alumni in which personal development is central.

Keep learning for a lifetime!

Not done learning yet? Under the motto "lifelong learning", WUR has many different options for continuing to learn after your study time. Choose here from the wide range of MOOCs, courses from Wageningen Academy and Wageningen Center for Development Innovation (WCDI).

Also take a look at the Universiteit van Nederland: inspiring scientists (including scientists from WUR) give short lectures on exciting and current topics in the form of videos and podcasts.

Alumni Networks Netherlands

The Alumni Networks Netherlands are all organized around a specific theme. Each Study Circle or Network organizes activities (lectures, excursions, and network meetings) within the Wageningen domain and they represent the interests of their field of expertise. Find all the Alumni Networks Netherlands here.

Prizes and funds

Have you just submitted a great thesis or are you working on a promising research? Special achievements deserve to be rewarded! That is why University Fund Wageningen awards prizes every year to the people who have achieved such a special achievement. Would you like to know more about the different awards? Then click here.

The University Fund Wageningen also has various funds that give students, (young) researchers and employees of Wageningen University & Research the opportunity to gain (international) experience and strengthen their position in the labor market. Are you interested in which funds are available? Then click here.