Alumni meeting

Reunion 25 years - starting year 1997 - 8 October 2022

In 1997 you started your studies in Wageningen and this year, that is 25 years ago! A great milestone to celebrate with a reunion on Campus. Save the date Saturday 8 October 2022 and we hope that you can join us, together with your study mates!

Organised by Team Alumni Relations

Sat 8 October 2022

Venue Orion, building number 103

Registration is no longer possible. Contact us at if you wish to attend.

Wageningen Experience Day

This year, the reunion will take place on the same day as the Wageningen Experience Day. After the reunion and lunch with your study mates*, you can join the Wageningen Experience Day (for all studies and starting years) free of charge. An inspiring afternoon with a hybrid programme consisting of talkshows, excursions and meetings with many more 'Wageningers'. More information about the Wageningen Experience Day can be found on the event page.

*participation in the reunion requires a contribution of €35.00 (including a private lunch and group photo).

Are your study mates coming too?

Share the information about this reunion with your study mates of starting year 1997, so that fellow alumni of whom we may not have recent contact details are also aware. They can use this form to provide us with their contact information.


10.00 Welcome with coffee and tea

10.30 Plenary programme with presentation given by Rector Magnificus Prof. Dr. Arthur Mol

11.30 Group photo

12.00 Private lunch with reunion attendees

From 13.30 Opportunity to join the Wageningen Experience Day

Are you staying in Wageningen after the reunion programme? Then don't forget to take a tour of the campus or listen to artist in residence Remco de Kluizenaar's special podcast on the protein transition while you explore the campus on your own.


Registration is no longer possible. Contact us at if you wish to attend.

Not receiving emails from us? Please provide us with your current contact information via this form or click on the orange button below. This way we will receive your contact information. You can also register directly through this website without receiving an email.

What makes you a 'Wageninger'? Film a video and join!

I am a Wageninger because...

How would you finish this sentence? What is your ‘Wageningen DNA’? We often say ‘Once a Wageninger, always a Wageninger’, but what does that mean to you? Show us in a short video of max. 1 minute! During the Wageningen Experience Day on Saturday 8 October, we want to show a compilation of the Wageningen DNA from all over the world to create a unique connection that way. Join us!

How to make the perfect video:

  • If possible, film your video somewhere that shows where in the
    world you are located;
  • Keep your phone horizontal;
  • Make sure your face is in the frame! A good rule of
    thumb is keeping your eyes on the 1/3 line from the top of the screen;
  • Clean your camera lens ;-) and turn off the flash;
  • Make sure the light comes from the front (not from the back!) for the best results;
  • Use the high quality settings on your phone: 1080p HD at
  • You can speak in Dutch or in English;
  • Last but certainly not least: record a few seconds extra
    at the beginning and at the end. Start recording, count to three, and start telling your story. When you’re done, count to three again before you stop recording.

Are you satisfied with your video? Send it to or use WeTransfer. Do you first need some inspiration before you start filming? You can find some examples here.

Thank you and we hope to see you on our (digital) Campus on 8 October!